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United States
name: nick
s.orientation: hetero
likes: legos, monster girls, anime
waifu(one of many): camilla(fire emblem fates)

i am nicholas(i perfer nick) or nickshighthrone. i am a kind, autistic guy who like art, monster girls, legos, and frendos! i can be a bit shy or mean at points but i don't bite. i do try to work on art, even if it is crappy


I am out in chicago and i see this beauty in a starbucks(that is probably also a hotel)
2 days
2 days till my bday. Yup

Nick(left) dr.funny(middle) plat(right)

Nick and dr. Funny belong to me
Plat belongs to Okishi777

NIck: 2 days
Funny: yup
Plat: o shit waddup
book 1, chapter 3: the ninja, the scientist, the knight, and the theif part 1

so the next morning after the shenanigans of the day before, our heros go off to find more allies. 1st they will find a dojo.

terus: so tell me where we are going again?
hawke: we are gonna go to the tsjung palace, or this dojo i know.
tetrus: who are we looking for?
hawke: we are looking for malius the ninja. and maybe train with his teacher aloisis.
tetrus: well is it gonna be hard finding our way there?
hawke: no, plus we are almost there.

our heros go to the gates of the palace, only to encounter a foreign guard.
hawke: where is luco? he is usually the guard. *to guard* um hello-
guard: *translated* what is the password.
hawke: crap i  think he speaks garslanian. well our journey here is ove-
tetrus: i think i can speak a little bit garslanian. *to guard, translated* greetings kind sir, how may i get in?
guard: *translated* what is the password*
hawke: what did he say?
tetrus: he asked what is the password?
hawke: say dreidel
tetrus: dreidel!
guard: *translated* you may come in.
tetrus: he said we could come in.

the trio enter the palace and head for the dojo. they enter the dojo and go in the room where they think malius is. but he is nowhere to be found.
hawke: malius? master aloisis? where are yo-
a ninja suddenly appears behind hawke and frightens her.
???: hello
hawke: AAHHHH!
???: i didn't mean to scare you, madam hawke.
hawke: ah it is fine. anyways, where is master aloisis mal?
malius: i believe he went to go near the grand falls down south.
tetrus: i know where that is. i saw it in my vision as well. also who are you sir?
malius: i am malius the ninja. and aloisis is my sensei.
hawke: that is great but i have a question? could you help us on our journey?
malius: do you need me to try to defeat the evils of horrace?
hawke: how do you know?
malius: there are some ways of the ninja you don't understand.
hawke: will you go with us?
malius: yes i will.
terus: that is great! now our next location will be a pub a few cities away i think, a thief is usually found there.
tetrus: i will go by the falls while you guys find the thief, i will meet you guys at the next location after that.
hawke: ok, well see you in golgalor

the 2 and the ninja head to a small village and enter a pub called "the 3rd head"

malius: where are we?
hawke: the 3rd head, a pub of the town amozzen. we need to find are friend niles, he is a very smart theif, he is usually found in this pub ready to bounty hunt. did i mention he is also a bounty hunter?
terus: now you did.
random stranger: well well well, what have we hear, a big titted cat lady, a weirdo, and a weeaboo.
hawke: excuse me?
malius: what is that?
hawke: don't listen to him malius.
stranger: *mocking hawke* yeah don't listen to him ya stupid weeaboo!
hawke: shut up.
malius: so are you trying to test me you tubby brute?
stranger: what the fuck did you just call me?
malius: i am sure i said "so are you trying to test me you *slowly* tubby brute?"
stranger: ok now you've dead!
the stranger tries to attack malius but he grabs his katana and slashes the strangers hand
stranger: gnaaaaah!
stranger's ally: this is bad boss, we need to get ya to a medic or somethin.
the group of 5 run away while a odd young one walks toward them.
???: um hey, can i see you 3?
malius: why tho?
???: just come with me.
the 3 and mysterious person head to a booth
???: so mam, are you hawke?
hawke: WHY yes i am. who are you?
the guy takes his hood off revealing his face
???: good to know. i thought you might need my help.
hawke: niles? nice to see you here.
niles: so you guys are on the quest to defeat legion?
hawke: yes. are you asking to help.
niles: uh, why yes! yes.
hawke: alright. just make sure you tell no stranger about this ok?
niles: alright.
they notice a man staring at them and they see him run out the tavern, they follow him only to see him talking to a few guards.
messanger: so they are planning to fight legion. let master horrace know about this.
guard 1: alright, now go!
guard 2: well, well, well. what have we here? 2 weird swordsmen, a samurai wannabe and a theif? hah! you all don't stand a chance against us!
hawke and terus: we'll see about that punk!
the 6 fight eachother while terus and hawke fight 1 of the brute guards, while malius and niles take care of the other one. malius managed to stab the guard in his throat, while hawke gets knocked out and terus' sword breaks. and just right before the guard managed to cut of terus' head, a blast of light went towards the guard, killing him instantly. then a mysterious mage figure aproches.
???: excuse me are you alright?
malius: it seems that hawke is knocked out, and niles has been wounded and terus nearly got killed.
???: maybe i will take you to my place, and heal you all!

the end of chapter 4 part 1
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